So here we go again.  I know its incredibly cliche to start on cleanse/diet/lifestyle on new years, but what can I say…I (we) need it.

After an amazing Holiday Season, including 2 trips to Florida (Super Y National Championships and NPL Showcase), amazing Christmas spent with family and friends and New Years in Daytona spent with my Elite team and the love of my life, and enough Buffalo Wings, Wine and Rum Balls to kill a horse, I think its time for a mental, physical and emotional reset.

So we have our fridge cleaned out (both of dirt and of food that are not compliant) and stocked with everything we need to get started.  We spent the day yesterday prepping (Fruits and Veggies stocked, Chicken Marinating and slow cooked, and Turkey/Zucchini poppers baked), and I took the obligatory Day 1 “Before” photo.

I actually have a very light schedule this week, after an intense December of training and travel, so going to spend the week getting things done around the house that will be a help moving forward for the month.  I think today I am focusing on dips/dressings.  This was one of the toughest things for us the first go around.  Basically hot sauce saved my life…cause I can “put that sh#T on everything.”  But we both struggled with what else to put on veggies and proteins in order to mix things up.

I started my day with a Water with Lemon in two forms…warm with Lemon Essential oil and then a big glass of iced water with squeezed lemon.  Sounds yummy huh…?

So Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year!