So it Is Wednesday Morning and honestly I feel pretty darn good. The Weekend…food Wise was a disaster, See Below. Soccer wise was just ok (a Loss and a tie–but progress)….great times with my Love on our 1 year 11 Month Anniversary. The first two days of this week have been back to eating like I did for the 26 day cleanse…plus wine.

Saturday Morning:
Coffee and Banana

Lunch: Smith Public Trust (Gastro Pub in Brookland Neighborhood in North East DC) AWESOME FIND!!
Fried Plantains with Jalapeño Aioli Sauce
Braised Short Ribs with Mexican Corn
Double Espresso

Dinner (At Ballpark In Philly)
gin Martini at the Hotel
3 Hard Ciders
2 Gluten Free Hotdogs
Popcorn back at the hotel

Apple and Double Espresso at the Hotel

Early Lunch At Reading Terminal before heading to Soccer Game
Half of a Broccoli Rabe Roast Pork Sandwich at
Mediterranean Lamb with Mixed Veggies Platter
1/3 Of a Nutella And Banana Crepe

I know…When in Rome/Holy Indulging.

So as I mentioned the plan since last weekend was to end on Friday and the determine how it was going to handle my eating habits moving forward. So I am looking at it this way. I ate like crap over the weekend and more or less got it out of my system. It is now Wednesday of the week after, and have all gone back to how I was eating during the 26 days….but…well wine. Had two glasses Monday night and they were amazing. But felt groggy Tuesday morning. So gonna really try and stick to just a couple glasses a couple nights a week.

But for now the important piece….the before and after pics. Cause if you are like me, I rarely read everything, and just go for the before and after pics.

Like This…


Or This…


Wait what was I talking about? Sorry got distracted (Love You Taryn!)

So here we go…

The first one is of my stock 2012 Jeep Wrangler…then with the 2.5 inch lift 33″ tires, 18 inch XD wheels and my new Tube Bumper. I put this pic on here because I just love my jeep. And Taryn said “of all the hobbies to have it is not a bad one to have.” I couldn’t agree more. Bigger tires are next, but this will do for now…


And finally my before and after. Weight was never the reason for the dietary change, but it seems like that was a byproduct. Healthiness was the goal. Mission Accomplished.

2015-04-10 09.38.19