So we made a decision this weekend. And I feel a little bad about it…but at the same time not really. As of Saturday of this coming weekend we will be through 27 days of our Whole30. And unfortunately we are going to end our journey a couple days early. This weekend is kinda the bermuda triangle of events going on. My girls play in Philly on Sunday. Caps have their final home game vs the Rangers. And the Nats play in Philly Saturday evening. So I think we are making a weekend of it and going to try and hit all of those. And a few beers and Ballpark Dogs are calling our name. The second part of the reason we are ending a couple days early is because the following weekend we have a new member joining our family. Thats all I am going to say for now, but our social life will probably be reigned back a little. So it shouldn’t be tough to resist dinner out, and those occasional glasses of wine. Not to mention I missed my good friend Ricks birthday in March, so I owe him one. Plus I think I might be playing my first round of golf Saturday morning…great suggestion Michael Furnari.

Plus today we have Nats opening day. NCAA Championship Game (Lets go Badgers!). Wednesday we have Caps. And We have Masters Weekend. Wow. And its supposed to be in the 70s all week.

Not to mention we have our Spring Schedule out and training officially starts for our Spring Season. My United Girls defending their State Championship, Playing in Region 1 And looking to Win the NPL for a second straight Season. My Ashburn Girl made a huge Jump by going undefeated last season and will now play State Cup and WAGS D1. So proud of these kids. Every day I am thankful for what I have and What I do.

So five days of great sports, hard work of practice, and count down until a great glass of wine…what expensive bottle should I get as my reward? Taryn I am guessing will chose the Mocha filled varietal from Chateau De Dunkin Donuts…hints of Oak and covered in frosted sugar.