So we are officially over the hump. Today is the 16th day. I wasn’t as thrilled about it as I thought I would be…I’ll feel better when we hit 20. Its weird because honestly, other than the craving for an occasional drink, this hasn’t been that difficult. Yeah I miss Chips and Salsa, or crackers and hummus, yeah I miss cheese. But all in all, I have actually enjoyed the foods we are eating. And the best part is that I don’t feel like I have to limit the amount that I eat. As I have mentioned before, eating until I was stuffed was commonplace…and now I don’t feel guilty doing it. I know I am still eating nuts more than I should, but I am using them in limited amounts and as my “snack.”

Berry Smoothie.
Coffee with coconut milk.
Hard Boiled Egg.

Veggies, Ranch and Baba ghanoush
Leftover Egg/ Spaghetti Squash Bake.
Handful of Nuts.

Ran My 4.5 miles…I hate that its still just cold and windy enough to be annoying. Come on Spring/Summer weather.

Veggies and Baba and Ranch
Cocktail Shrimp (about 8) and Homemade Cocktail Sauce (recipe easy to find online)
These Meatloaf Minis—which were amazing!

Banana/Kale/Peanut Butter Smoothie.
Coffee with Almond Milk

Final Bit of Spaghetti Squash Bake and a small piece of Meatloaf.

Handful of Nuts
Half a Banana and Some Almond Butter. Added a Date to this…and this could be my forever go to Dessert.

I went for my normal Run and met Taryn towards the end. We explored a bit and I ended up running/walking almost 7 miles.

ALSO!! Taryn found this 100% all natural (getting good at looking at ingredients) energy drink. Runa! ITs basically just a tea… guayusa to be exact. Not sure if it was the tea or just my general mood and feeling good today…but really felt great and energetic. Saw it in tea form at Safeway earlier. Definitely trying it.

Chicken/Zucchini Poppers
Roasted Asparagus
Honey Mustard Sauce

Half a Banana and Some Almond Butter and a Date

So I mentioned Taryns Pork Roast that she made last week was the best thing we have eaten yet. Well the Chicken/Zucchini Poppers I made this evening were the best thing I have made yet.
Taryn also found a recipe for Honey Mustard for dipping.

Chicken Poppers

Can’t find the recipe but basically
4 Dates
Half Cup of Mustard (we used Dijon)
2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
Tsp of Garlic Powder
Salt and Pepper To Taste
6 Tblsp of Water
Blend all these (blender or food processor). Then slowly add a quarter cup of olive oil while blending the rest on Low.

Best part about Recipes like these is I feel like you can’t really mess them up. When I remade this Thursday morning to have extra sauce for the remainder of the week, I just kinda guestimated on all the ingredients…and it totally worked. Awesome.

Thursday Morning:
Last night wasn’t great. Of course through all of this, my general fatigue symptoms have definitely improved. But body aches, shoulder soreness, inconsistent sleep, hands tingling…all still there. But I guess I have spent 35 years putting strain on my body, two weeks isn’t exactly enough to fix all that. Still haven’t lifted weights in over a month, but running has been a great release…again, just want nicer weather. Today is supposed to be 70…but windy. Better than the crap weather we have been dealing with for a month.

Coffee with Almond Milk
Five Strawberries.

Also a little side note…I know you are not supposed to get on the scale, but since I am not really doing this to lose weight, I jumped on the scale. When I got my physical a few weeks before I started (granted I had on clothes and big leather boots) I was at 183. Today the scale said 170.6. 18 days in and probably 10 lbs. Now I can fluctuate 5-6 pounds in a day based on water, exercise, etc. But that is still cool to see.

Bunch of Carrots and Celery with Mustard Dip
Leftover Meatloaf Muffin with Hot Sauce.
Handful Nuts

Shrimp and with homemade Cocktail Cause
Left Over Chicken Poppers
Side Salad with Mustard Dressing.

Friday Morning
Strawberries and Watermelon
Coffee with Almond Milk

Chicken Popovers (I literally cannot get enough of these).
Celery Carrots and Mustard Dressing
Handful Nuts
3 Dates

Last of the Meatloaf Muffins
Late Night Watermelon (Cup Full)
Taryn Made these weird Almond Flour Muffins with Apple Sauce and left out the Honey…umm…not fantastic.

Used My Juicer (Carrots, Kale, Ginger, Apple) and Coffee with Almond Milk

Shopped At whole Foods and this was the biggest test yet.
Ended up with just a mixed salad with Raw Veggies, Grilled Chicken, oil and vinegar Dressing.
I didn’t really want anything that bad, but having all those pre made foods was hard to walk by. Then even the things that seem ok, were made with Canola Oil or something similar that was not on the list.

Saturday Dinner
Our Cauliflower Rice….which is still amazing. Used Coconut Aminos instead of Soy Sauce. Which isn’t quite as flavorful but totally works.
Lots of Watermelon and nuts. Also had an Apple and A Few Strawberries.


Black Coffee before Easter Church.
Came home and had leftover Rice and last of the Chicken Poppers.

We then went to Taryns Grandmas for Easter Lunch.
Fruit Salad, Hamburger, Grilled Shrimp, Sweet Potato Fries That I made, Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing (didn’t ask), and I ate ONE Deviled Egg (also didn’t ask). I mean I did label this whole Blog “Whole30 ish.” I am actually proud of how much I have not cheated.

Dinner Was just a grazing of Carrots, Mustard Dressing, Nuts, Dates, Cauli Rice and Watermelon.

Taryn is feeling better too. Her stomach was pretty off and her “time of the month” wasn’t helping. *(Mental Note: Be extra kind during the last few days of the month). So thats a big help.