My favorite part about this week has been Saturday Evening. I think I mentioned that I took some of my players out to dinner Saturday night. Well one of them lives right down the road from me and so I offered to take her home afterwards. Now this is one of those kids that you love having on your team…always jogs to and from water breaks, picks up cones, grabs pines when needed. Works incredibly hard in every game. Not to mention, always says thank you after every practice…

Little side note…this is one of the things that I have been most impressed about with some of these kids. I would say a good 50% of them thank me after every practice. I mean their parents are paying my salary. I should be thanking them for the opportunity. And they thank me. Maybe they don’t see the importance in that…but I think it is pretty impressive.

Now I should also mention this player has her TOTAL blond moments. The sound bar on my jeep has these holes coming out of it (upside down holes on the ceiling) and she totally serious, said maybe they could be used as drink holders…ummm….

Anyway…so I am driving this player home, and she asked me about the diet I am on (Taryn and I brought it up at dinner because obviously we were limited with our options on the menu). And she didn’t just ask basic questions…but insightful ones. About how its made me feel, how its affecting my energy and exercise. She mentioned she is trying to be good about the food she eats, and limit her junk food. Then we got on the topic of how she is doing in school (8th grade). And she voiced how she was nervous about not knowing what she was going to major in, in college. IN COLLEGE! She mentioned being stressed about her classes, and concerned about making the right decisions about her college and professional path. And it wasn’t in like a whoa this kid is weird way…it was in such an innocent, curious, warm way. She was really seeking my advice. She is 13. I did my best to tell her that she should just focus on her current school workload, and keep her grades up and everything else will fall into place. It was the most insightful, pleasant conversation I had had with anybody out of my normal circle in a long time.

Her parents are fantastic people…and they did well with her so far.

They are good kids…