Monday Breakfast:
An Orange and a pickle
20 oz water.

30 minute bike and 30 minute Swim (intervals-20 x 1 minute alternating 50 free, 50 breast)

One Breast Baked Old Bay Chicken that I made last night
cup Cauliflower Mash that Taryns Dad made—was awesome
Bowl Of Salad with Cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. It weird that I am skipping the mixing process and just putting Mustard directly on top of my salad then then adding the balsamic? Shut up. It tastes the same.
Two Dates (these are easily going to take the place of candy moving forward).

Had two great practices with the girls.

Taryn made an amazing pot roast. I will update if I get the recipe.
Made The sweet potato fries/chips. Cutting them into circles seems to be easier and actually the seem to cook better. I think I mentioned this already but using parchment paper and broiling at the end, totally makes the difference for getting them crispy.
Half Banana with TBSP Cashew Butter.
20 Oz Water.
20 Pistachios.


Probably the best I have felt since we started…or in months for that matter. Which is great.

Chicken Breast and Sweet potato chip leftovers.
3 Cups of Black coffee
20 Oz Water.

Whole Cucumber and 10 Celery Sticks all dipped in the Ranch Dressing T Made.
Two Pickles
Handful Nut Mix
20 Oz of Water.

Went for my 4.5 mile run today. Still hate running in the cold.

I made a Mustard and Cilantro Baked Chicken. And the Almond/Flax meal chicken (fingers) we made the other night…well I used the crust recipe from that and coated Yellow Squash Spears. I am actually not a huge fan of squash but these were pretty awesome.
Taryn made her Date/Nut/Coconut balls again but used more nuts and added Raisins. Both recipes are rad, but I liked these more cause I really like the salty side of this “dessert.”
20 Oz Water

And I found which may be my LIFESAVER during this process. Kombucha. I have always been a fan. Went through a stage in San Diego when I was drinking 4-5 a week. One of my best friends Melissa, used to make her own and it was awesome. Well We found out those are Whole30 approved, and so Taryn brought me home one last night. Totally put it in a wine glass and drank it during our dinner and a movie evening. Total placebo effect. Buying a case today. Almost even tastes like alcohol…with none of the negatives (besides maybe some calories) and amazing health benefits. In love with this vice.

Wednesday morning:
Cup of Green Tea and a Whole Grapefruit (got some grapefruit spoons this past weekend). Plus stole a slice of Taryns pork while I was getting lunch ready this morning.

Leftovers from last night.
Baked Chicken Breast and Sweet potatoes

Pork and Baked Chicken and Sweet potatoes. Officially becoming my favorite side dish. Sweet potato fries. The healthy version. Awesome.