So just like I mentioned when I first started one the sides of life that I witness everyday is the interaction between kids. And I never want to make it sound like I am right, and others are wrong, but if people can mention and report and focus on the bad, I want to touch on the alternative.

Now full disclosure that I totally have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Foursquare and Pinterest account. Facebook…well because I am old…Pinterest because I didn’t realize that moving into a new house hold to hang a 100lb mirror, understanding what crown molding is, and realizing that I would live surrounded but walls covered in Pale Portobello paint. But the other I use rarely, just because I don’t really care that much. ITs funny to look at pictures, but I don’t care what celebrity had for dinner, or what weird video someone wants to send me, that I end up putting my finger over and then it disappears. But Instagram is a little different. Not because I post much, but because most of my friends are 12-14 year old girls…creepy? Ha! No just the girls I coach…and they are hysterical. Now over the course of this process of writing down some thoughts, how much the mean to me will probably be brought up quite a few times…hopefully the biggest one in June where both my teams end a happy, safe, successful, and most importantly enjoyable season.

But right now as I switch back and forth between the morning news, my Huffington Post App, and Facebook, its all so freaking depressing. Jeff Rossen killing me again with his buying explosives over the counter means your neighbors are about to blow up your house. The never-ending rhetoric of the governmental parties trying to persuade you that the other is the reason your life is not as good as it was 10 years ago, and the posts about the racism issues in the country that either exists and is targeting specific races or is being blown out of proportion because of the ignorance of those involved…neither of which are good options.

I choose to switch over to my Instagram account. And I see this under a picture of “one of my players taking a selfie.”


Or this…


Kids just being nice…smiling…giving each other compliments. Why is no one focusing on how great these kids are? How fun they are to be around. How much the friendships we had when we were younger shaped and molded the adults we are today. And we didn’t start all jaded and angry and bitter…we became that way. As I have said before I tend to be a pretty happy person. And I am assuming it is because I surround myself with things like the above.

Plus sometimes I just get confused watching the news…I mean Statistics in High School was my nemesis but these can’t be right.



Two Notes to Self. Smile at strangers today. Send a handwritten note to your old math teacher.