Saturday morning.

I think in my opening paragraph I mentioned something about overprotective parents and neurotic lifestyles…not thinking I would circle back around. But does Jeff Rossen on the Today show drive anybody else crazy. I just watched a 20 news segment called, If you don’t watch the Today Show your Child is going to Die. It was all about how “child proof” pill bottles can be very easily opened by 4 year olds. They had a bunch of 4 year olds opening empty “child proof” pills bottles showing how easy they were to open. Having tried to ignore the most of the story I caught the end that gave two tips: 1) make sure the bottle is closed when you as the adult finish using them, and 2) Put the bottles out of reach. Like are parents really mixing their prescription bottles and NyQuil in with the box of toys in the Den? Its this shock and scare tactics that drive me crazy. (By the way I don’t think that was the actual title of the segment this morning).

Then a couple weeks ago he covered the story when that house exploded because of the gas leak. They then did a follow up story about how likely it is that THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. 177 Million Americans rely on Natural Gas, and some of you probably have a Gas Leak RIGHT NOW!!! Hurry!! Everyone call 911!! I actually read that more people died driving to the store to get items to fix their “gas leak” then have actually died in Gas leak related explosions. OK I didn’t really read that but do you see my point?

Second thing that is bugging me today is this sink…


The left side is the small section of the sink that includes the garbage disposal. Why make a small side at all? Why not put the garbage disposal on the big side where we actually wash the dishes.


Not once have I washed dishes without gotten myself, the floor or the counter soaking wet. Just my venting for the day.