Last night was the first night this week I was dying for a glass of wine. Usually when I am in charge of dinner, having two glasses while I cook and eat is the ritual. And last night was the first time I craved it.
But I resisted…and after I ate the craving faded. So I want to think that is good news…but solving my craving for wine, with food…maybe not so good. First real test down.

I should also probably mention that I have always had an issue with portion control. I have balanced it out by eating healthy and staying active, but yeah…its an issue.

Woke up today for the first time in a while without my alarm. For most of my adult life if I got 8 hours of sleep, I popped up in the morning. Today wasn’t exactly like that, but it was close. 8 hours of sleep and I woke up before my baby’s alarm. I am assuming most of you know her, but for those of you who don’t her name is Taryn. She’s pretty cool.

Day 4
Cup Black Coffee
Smoothie (half of this below as T and I split it):
Big handful spinach
Small Handful Almonds
Tablespoon Almond Butter
1/4 Cup Almond Milk
1/4 Cup Coconut Water

Smoothie was surprisingly good. We are used to having some sort of protein powder/yogurt/cottage cheese. Which definitely makes it better…but this was very good.

16 Oz of Water

As I was walking out the door this morning, the Today show had a guest Chef making a “Bread Salad.” Isn’t the point of a salad to avoid the carbs? I swear to God it was just a salad over the top of wannabe croutons. Might crave a drink earlier than usual today…

Leftovers from last night
1 Chicken Filet (half a breast)
Prob equivalent of Half a Sweet potato
Heated em all up in the Toaster oven. Even Better today.
PLUS a Sashimi Sampler from Wegmans (3 slices of 4 dif types of fish and a shrimp).
20 Grapes
2 Mini Pickels
16 Oz Water

Hard Boiled Egg

Dinner: (we could eat breakfast for three meals a day, so did this one again as we both were home later than normal)
6 Eggs
1 Whole Onion
Half Tube Italian Sausage
Pan Fry (just in half table spoon olive oil) The Sausage and break it up while it cooks
Sautéed Onion in Same Pan
Added all ingredients to Pyrex 6X6 cooking dish. Baked on 350 for 10 minutes. Broiled on high for 5 extra minutes
Two Small Pickles
18 Oz water

Found out today that nuts are supposed to be eaten sparingly. Crap. That was one of my vices to get through this without snacks. Kale chips? Nope. Added Sugar. How long before they make Water Chips?

Woke up this morning feeling good again. Shoulders still bothering me at night, but making a conscious effort to not sleep on my sides (thats when they bother me the most).

Over morning coffee the topic of alcohol came up and I found a great article for kinda summing up how I feel about drinking in general, and how to go about picking good options…
Guess it looks like I will have an actual excuse for ordering Hard Cider other than it tastes yummy. And no chance I do all the things in the “reduce side effects” section…but a couple that will help with hangover and reducing the acquisition of extra fat on “drinking days” are nice little pieces of information.

Two Egg, Two Egg White Spinach Omelet
18 Oz Water

Played some indoor soccer with my girls for an hour. Snow day on the first day of spring.

Two Big Handfuls of Romaine
Half Cucumber
7 cherry tomatoes
Balsamic/Mustard Dressing
WHOLE avocado
One Hard Boiled Egg.

Cup Coffee
1 Liter of Water

5 Carrot Sticks
5 Cucumber Slices
Made “Whole 30 Tzatziki Sauce” (Google Search those quotes to find. My food processor doesn’t have a low setting…so this didn’t exactly taste like Tzatziki, but it was something to dip things in, so I was happy)
10 Grapes
2 Strawberries


Had 1/3 of the above recipe. Everything we have eaten so far has been pretty darn good…and this was pretty amazing as well. Also had a few more carrot sticks and cucumber slices dipped in the Tzatziki sauce.

Also Had Two Date Ball, Pecan, Coconut things that Taryn made. They were awesome. I know the objective is not to satisfy cravings but to rid yourself of them…but these helped with the sugar need.

12 Dates, half cup of pecans, half cup dried unsweetened coconut…all in a food processor. Then rolled in another half cup of coconut.

Fun Dinner with friends. Happy Friday. Also I know you are not supposed to weigh yourself, but I thought I would check just because I happened to be weighed when I went to doctors. Tuesday March 5th, weight of 183…big boots and clothes on. Todays weight, 174.5. I know thats a lot of water weight and probably a few pounds of clothes, but still nice to see.

Felt good today. On a personal note Big 12 Basketball makes me sad. Good thing I am a Tarheel/ACC fan.