So Every Day I am going to input everything I ate, exercise I did, how I felt and if that changed over the course of the day. I will probably post a day or two at a time. With the exception of this page…will be through Day 3.

Any of the “Whole 30” food items that are debatable I am not going to stress about. For example I think Balsamic Vinegar is a question mark or in the grey area…yeah I am using it. The Deluxe Mixed Nuts that common the big container from Costco…I know peanuts are not allowed, but these don’t have peanuts. After I finish the container I will go to just raw or ones without added oil…but finishing these. Really trying to be good, but also not going to drive myself crazy. I also am taking Daily Pictures of myself that I may or may not post. Haven’t decided, but no my friends will give me crap for it ;-). After 30 days I will do the stereotypical before and after pics…

So here goes…Day 1

Coffee and Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice at Moms.
Two Handfuls of Costco Mixed Nuts/Almonds Mix (Mix their salted nuts with their bag of almonds for a healthier version-I’ll use this one again “My Nut Mixture”)
Half Cup Egg White/plus 2 whole Eggs Omelet with handful of Sautéed spinach
4 3 inch Pieces of Celery
2 8oz Bottles of Water

Two Handfuls Romain Lettuce
5 cucumber slices
Small Tomato (sliced)
Dressing: Table Spoon Balsamic Vinaigrette* mixed with Table Spoon of Dijon Mustard* (I’ll use this one again so just gonna call it “My Balsamic”)
Big Handful Pistachios

Egg Soufflé (Whole Recipe consists of:)
6 Eggs
1 Whole Onion
Half Tube Italian Sausage
Pan Fry (just in half table spoon olive oil) The Sausage and break it up while it cooks
Sautéed Onion in Same Pan
Added all ingredients to Pyrex 6X6 cooking dish. Baked on 350 for 10 minutes. Broiled on high for 5 extra minutes
Added Salt and Pepper and about 3 Teaspoons of Trader Joes Jalepeno Pepper sauce.
Two 8oz Bottles of Water

Egg Souffle

Egg Souffle

Feel Normal–as in still feeling a bit fatigued. Got up early to take my mom to the Train Station and have been tired since. Took a nap before my training session with the kids.  Didn’t eat enough as I probably should have over the course of the day.

Fun Session in the evening with the kids.

Day 2:
2 8oz Bottles of Water
Large Cup Black Coffee
Handful of My Nut Mixture*
Half Pack “Orchard Vally Harvest” Cranberry Almond Cashew Mix (Threw Out Cranberries-because we found out this is not allowed)*
Green Apple
Big Handful Pistachios

Two Cups Romaine
10 Cucumber Slices
Whole Tomato
My Balsamic*
Baked Tilapia-garlic, parsley, Lemon, Ghee
Baked Butternut squash: Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil
4 Pistachios (not kidding)
2 Bottles of water
Two Dates
3/4 cup Watermelon cubes
Two Small Pickles
Small Spoon full Almond Butter

Ran 4.5 miles outside today because we finally hit 65 Degrees. I Miss running outside. Feel pretty good today.

Day 3 Breakfast
Glass Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice (12 Oz)
Vitamins (B12, D, C, Calcium, Chewable Multi)
18 OZ Water.

Rode the Stationary Bike for 30 and Swam for 30. Losing my mind not being able to lift.
Two SMALL Pickles (Clausen)*
Two Handfuls of Romaine
5 cucumber slices
Half Tomato
Whole Avocado
Hard Boiled Egg
My Balsamic*’
Handful of Nut Mixture*

Cup of Black Coffee and A Banana
(Side Note—this is where I am going to struggle the most..I love Dips and snacks…what the heck do I eat??)

Also still feeling pretty normal. Felt a little “light” this morning, but in general feeling pretty good. Shoulders hurt, body feels fine, fatigue is about consistent.

Had a great practice with the girls.
One Date
Handfull nuts.
5 3 inch Stalk of Celery
One Whole Sweet Potato (sliced into fries, added olive oil, salt, pepper, Garlic Powder, Old Bay-baked for 30 minutes, flipping once).
These Chicken Tenders
Didn’t use the Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce. Used Hot sauce and Balsamic/Mustard Dressing.

(this was a pic of Taryn’s…I didn’t have any salad)

Happy Hump Day.