So I have thought about starting a Blog before, just as a way to keep track of the cool things that happen to me as I coach kids age 2-22. Because I guess I wanted to focus the other side of what seems to be all the talk about kids; sex, drugs, bullying…and then resulting in overprotective parents and neurotic lifestyles. I really don’t want to judge anyone, I just tend to witness the happier side of growing up, and I thought someone should be sharing that aspect.

Prefacing by saying I am not proofreading this. Sorry for the spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

So I haven’t started a blog because…well…life keeps getting in the way, I never really got it started. But a lot has happened over the past couple years. I met the love of my life. We moved into a new townhouse in Ashburn VA. We are about to get a dog…a Morkie…which I am not even sure what that is, I just know its not a British Bulldog…which is what she wanted. But Bulldogs are like $3 Grand, and supposedly can have a crap ton of health problems. So we compromised. Well…she decided on her second choice. And I “agreed.” We have been through all the typical life experiences that I am assuming some couples do in their first two years…the honeymoon phase…the family drama phase…the stressful fighting phase. And now we are doing very well. I have waited 36 years for her…and now she’s a part of my life…and its RAD.   Before I continue I guess little more about me…

Age 36
Never Smoked.
18-22 Drank like a college kid in College, did a few drugs here and there…and did the same the 6-7 years there after while living in San Diego. Since then developed a good taste in wine and scotch. And Probably drink like any Mid 30 year old does (2-ish glasses of “something” 2-3 nights a week, and 5-6 drinks every other Saturday/night out).

Current Weight 180 lbs.

Worst shape of my life during the first years a I lived in San Diego reached almost 200 lbs. When I was in the best shape of my ADULT life about a year ago, 170 lbs.

Certified Personal Trainer
Coaching Soccer for over 15 years (3 years at the D1 College Level, 8 years of High School, 12 years of Elite Club Level, Won a State Championship).

So basically always been very healthy (the kids I coach keep me young). In San Diego when I was at my heaviest I woke up one day and ran five miles (I was still pretty active, I just ate like crap and didn’t have a regular workout regiment). Then when I got home from work (at a bank) I ran five more miles. I also went from eating 2 Packs of peanut M&Ms with my chicken burrito for lunch, to eating grilled Mahi over cabbage (Mexican Restaurants in San Diego are amazing). And I did that every weekday for about 3 months. Needless to say running 50 miles a week and eating healthier, helped. Got down to about 175. Running and Surfing more consistently and eating a bit better allowed me to hover around that weight for the next few years while living in San Diego. In 2008 I moved back to the DC area where I am (more or less) from.

Since then I have fluctuated as most do over the years…eating crap during the holidays…hitting the gym hard after the first of the year…back outside and running when the weather gets nice. All in all, pretty healthy, normal lifestyle. And most important…I have, for the most part, been happy. I’d say happier than most. I wake up looking forward to the day. Don’t need the morning coffee, but enjoy it. Feel pretty good every day besides the occasional Sunday when the drinks did reach 5 or 6…or 10. But thats all normal, right?

But in August I started not feeling well. I guess I will preface this now, saying I am not writing this one month, or 6 months after the fact…which is important because I don’t really know where I am going with this or how it will end. I will probably even edit some of this here and there to input relevant details, that seem to maybe matter more as I go through this experience…or I guess add a new page? Is that how this works…?

So not feeling well…again as a result of being healthy, and having lifting weights as part of my normal lifestyle, I have never really noticed any abnormal joint pain. So when my shoulders started bothering me, and hands felt a little tingly at night, I didn’t think much of it. But then they started to get worse and I haven’t been able to lift a heavy suitcase, much less heavy weights. So I backed off. I started developing some weird symptoms of which I can only describe as paralleling a Urinary Tract Infection (light stream, darker yellow, funny smelling, high frequency of need to urinate). Mix these weird joint pains, these peeing issues, and just a very weird general malaise/fatigue and overall cloudiness and irritability, and just terrible interrupted sleep and tiredness in the morning. I mean for the first time ever I could sleep in till 9 or 10am. Which since college, has NEVER happened. The best I can describe it…I felt just kinda Hung Over all the time. NOT FUN, especially since I wasn’t enjoying the night before part that justified the hangover. So something has just been not right. Now to fast forward through the boring doctors parts…they started with UTI and STDs…all negative. Then they blood tested for all the regulars…and then some of the others (Vitamin D, Lyme Disease)…also negative. Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, all normal. Of course its winter so I need more Vitamin D, and according to the tests I was not hydrated enough. Which we all roll our eyes at…but because of how I have been feeling I took them a little more seriously. Been drinking more Water….taking vitamins in the morning (C, D, B, Calcium, Fish Oil, Milk Thistle, and a Chewable Multi (cause those are just yummy and good).

And while I wait for my Carpal Tunnel Appointment, and follow up Blood Tests (both in two weeks with specialist and my PCP), I figured I would take some of the steps that I have read about that have solved other peoples problems. I guess the best way I can put it is this, I am a little scared. I refuse to believe that this is just a product of getting older…because the downturn has been pretty sudden..and 36 (sometimes still going on 26) is not old. So now everything that I have read comes to the same conclusion…we as a society are killing ourselves. And the thought that everything we put into our body, really does affect the way our body feels, our mood, or overall health..etc. I have done juice cleanses in the past, and loved them. Whether people believe they actually cleanse us or not, I understand both sides…but they did make me feel liked I cleaned out my system of some toxins and did give me more energy, clarity and focus. So…Whole 30/Paleo is the latest diet/cleanse/fad, but one that seems to make the most sense. And depending on who you talk to, Carbs are the problem. Dairy is terrible for you. Gluten is making you fat and have digestive issues. Artificial Sweeteners are causing cancer. Processed foods are the issue in declining health. Diet Soda is worse than Regular soda. Etc, etc Etc. So…I thought I would stop eating them all.


So under the Tag on the left hand side of this page is the category “Gotta Start Somewhere…”  Thats where all the entries are for this Whole 30 Journey.


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